Monday, February 11, 2008

Try me

The Weekend of Denial ended this afternoon at 2pm when I took Kelly to the train station. But you know what? I think it’s OK. I think I am ready to do this. Not that I have a choice.

My friends are amazing. I put out the call and they were here.

On Saturday morning I decided to begin this weekend of denial by attending the Washington State Democratic Caucus because really, pretending that my voice is heard in “representative government” is a huge act of denial. But it was interesting. Well, actually it was kind of boring. I don’t know. We met a bunch of our neighbors and I let myself be convinced by some seriously GenX-y yuppies that Hilary was the way to go.

Saturday evening the peeps showed up and we we consumed a lot of fibrous veggies, wine, and whiskey. The next stop was the Beacon Pub which as usual did not disappoint. It was as haggard as ever and our favorite ever-present pimp even bought us drinks. Julian and I befriended some neighbors and we don’t really remember that part of the evening but Julian got a business card. The guy’s email involves “mysterywhiteboy” so either he’s a liar or a dumbass. Either way, I love NoBea. The rest of the night is kind of a blur.

I woke up in my double bed betwixt Julian and Jason. I got the shit snuggled out of me this weekend and I mean that in a good way. While the whole thing was fun and light-hearted, my friends still managed to express mad amounts of love for me and I really dug that. Sunday morning we went out for 6-egg omelets at Beth’s Café and I met the man that I would put next in my “to be seduced” line if I weren’t about to undergo chemotherapy and lose all of my hair. Drat! The cancer buzz kill is always lurking underneath the surface! Anyhoo, the rest of the morning was spent cuddling and making milk shakes. The Q-crew showed up later on in the afternoon with amazing black bean burger makings. Damn, they’re good. My friends. And Rachel’s black bean burgers…

Bottom line: my friends are the awesome-est. They were perfect this weekend.

For those of you not at the Weekend of Denial, you were missed and I will make it a priority to get better as soon as possible so I can take you to the Beacon Pub and get you some free Pimp-drinks. Until then, your emails and voicemails and talking to you on the phone has been so totally great.


Cheyenne said...
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Cheyenne said...

Sending a lot of love your way, you little angel.

flashlightmonster said...

yeah hillary. sorry i missed the weekend of denial. though i feel like i experienced some of it in text message form.