Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 16

Today my chemo was 2 hours late and I almost lost it. I almost became a difficult patient. I was thisclose.

But! My white blood cells are on their way back up! Dr. K gave me a high 5 and said I was out of the woods for now. The bigger issue at hand is my GI tract and how it feels like SHIT. I won't go into details, but even though I'm hungry all the time, I'm beginning to feel like eating is a raw deal. Raw. Really raw.

Also, we're in deep looking for fucking housemates. I hate it. I hate looking for housemates. People keep blowing us off and it's so fucking stressful. "Becky" and "Edward" are coming tonight. Hopefully one of them is NOT creepy and can move in NOW. AHDFHSAFSHA!

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Kevin said...

I came for the you're in Seattle too! you have cancer too! connection, I stayed for the amazing old open letter to The Shins. Thank you for expressing how we all felt/feel. Finally, I can admit to my girlfriend that the "Blink 182" album on my iPod is actually The Shins. She'll be so happy.

Ummm...sounds like you've had one mindfuck of a month. I at least got to spend a few months having my friends not quite believe I had cancer before they took off my hair and..well...enough about the GI tract, right?

If you'd like someone cancerous to bitch to, give me a shout. We can meet up for coffee, but we'll have to stand more than three feet apart because of the ol' suppressed immune system. And because people will think we're a gathering of skinheads.

PS. nice lentil/spinach souffle recipe