Friday, February 15, 2008

The hospital

This is my "stash." It's diet coke, Quest photo albums, a "Cunt Coloring Book," my blankie, hospital socks with grippy bottoms, and about 7 trashy books courtesy of Jenny and Richard. But it's gettin' on bed time and I've had my adivan which manages to simultaneously kill nausea in its tracks and put me the fuck out. So blankie is going to be put to serious use. Fuck yeah!

The view from my window. You can see the Space Needle, the Olympics when it's clear, and my bougie cousin's bougie penthouse 2 blocks away. Thanks for the flowers, yinz!

I have not one, but TWO balloon sets in my room. Suck it, Trebek.

How can this not warm your heart: Jason and Les. I will maintain my vote for Jason as "Sexiest Man Alive." Get it together, People Magazine.

Me and my Hickman line chillaxin. No IVs for this classy woman. And check out those luscious locks... they got about 7 days and countin.

Today has been magically not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was Rough. But you know what? I didn't puke today. I didn't even want to! I had many wonderful visitors including my sister, AC, Jenny, Richard, and Julian, and of course the ever present Mom. The roommates brought sympathy cards from just about every cute old lady from church and it was so sweet to know that community still cares like that. Anyway. I also got a GREAT CD from Lizzy. I believe that with some positive thinking (the Secret, hello!) we can kill both terrorism AND cancer. It may seem like a large bill, but you haven't seen what I can do on Prednisone and Kanye West.

Speaking of Great Gifts, it seems like good/better form to thank people in person before blogging thank yous, but THANK YOU SARA GRIBS!!!! Not only was your card totally the best, but I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and no I had not seen it! I am so psyched!

Here is the Best Part. My inductive Chemo is OVER. As of tonight, I just have some vanacristine next week. Of course, now we wait around for my immune system to die and the resulting problemos, but the nasty chemicals are over with until next month's SPINAL (ba-dum.)

Ok, the Adivan is winning. Goodnight.

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flashlightmonster said...

i'm pretty sure when god was like "i need some guy down there on earth stat to fix the twin devils of cancer and terrorism right up," the resulting angel was kanye west.