Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oregon takes another

Jenny and Richard just left for Eugene. It's seems difficult and cheesy to write a blog tribute to two of my favorite roommates ever.... but I like, LOVE them. Jenny and Richard. I was non plussed when I met them. I think I thought "sure," but I wasn't sure. Then I found out that Jenny liked America's Next Top Model and Richard (when you stopped calling him "Rich") would open up and tell you stories about designing softcore porn websites. That's when things started getting good.

I'm not going to lie. I'm extremely depressed that I don't have two awesomely entertaining, cooking-crazy, wine-pounding, shit-talking, story-telling friends to come home to at night at anymore. But I also know I must really like Jenny and Richard because I never didn't want them to move. This was too great an opportunity for both of them. When I think of them and how individually talented and amazing they are and the kinds of outlets that can support them in being that great, this move is so perfect. I've never been a proponent of school pride, but I am PSYCHED for Richard to be a Duck. Not because our football team rules (?) but because when I think back fondly to my friends in the AAA school and the College of Science and Letters and I know Richard will love it and be as independently inspired as I was. And that makes me happy. Jenny just got the most bad ass job a 27 year old has ever gotten and won't blog about it for her work privacy, but Jesus. It's so cool. Suck it, T i m C h u e y.

In other news we had a going away party last night for J and R. The food ruled per usual and the only dampening was that I have the most raging acid reflux of my life. I think I ate about 1/2 bottle of tums. I give up. I'm getting the real shit today. Also, I made two moussakas--one "v" and one "V." Mostly I used this badass vege recipe and then found a vegan bechemel that looked decent on another site. I also cleaned the house several times and interviewed a potential roommate--he seemed non-plussed, but obviously he hasn't seen the whack pool of housing in Seattle so he better call us tomorrow begging to be taken. This Pred is killing me. I am physically exhausted but I just can't sit still.

Health update: I have no white blood cells left! The Chemo has done it's job and I'm wandering around with no immune system (it's supposed to go down like this). So think about me in a Green Bubble of Health interacting with no bacteria. Should I catch something, I have to go back to the big H and that's what I'm trying to avoid til my March check in. Anyway, I'm keeping up my end of the deal and sanitizing my hands every 10 minutes. I am also am learning to deal some new physical limitations (like moving a desk up a flight of stairs leaves me heaving and dizzy... I miss you red blood cells and oxygen!) and trying to figure out how to seem like less of Pred-head (kind of like Crack Head). I just checked my schedule and I can come down off the pred in 2 weeks!!! Eiiighhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee.

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rmj said...

hey jessie,

that's pretty coincidental about that "inertia" tidbit. how do you even find something like that out?

i like to read yr blog, too. it's one of the three that i check everyday. i wish you the best with yr whole chemo ordeal. it sounds pretty rough.

but thanks for the compliments. and the kitties say, "mew mew meow," which, i think, means "thank you."

take care,