Friday, February 08, 2008

Potentially news of the most awesome kind...

My oncologist just called. I have healthy bone marrow. They aren’t going to schedule me for Chemo… yet. I don’t know what this means.

I literally just erased the blog I wrote about what having Leukemia was going to mean for me. I swear, people, my mom was THERE they told me to prepare to take 2 months off work and that this was most definitely Leukemia. They told me all of the oncologists and pathologists at the hospital had confirmed that Little Buddy was Leukemia. THIS IS SO FUCKING CRAZY.

Whatever this means, it must be good. I have never once felt like I was sick throughout this whole thing and I’m definitely one of those “woo-ey” feminists who “listens” to her body. I mean, me and my period are like BEST FRIENDS! I can tell when I’m iron or calcium deficient… Shit. Ever since this started I’ve been telling people, “I feel FINE…” I have felt all along that nothing was amiss.

So let’s review:
Immune system: working (just got over a cold)
Bone marrow: normal
Blood counts: all normal
Little Buddy: still growing and being a freak

People, you're following this along with me. You'll hear it as I do.

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Beth said...

hey jessie, glad to hear the news. i've been following along here and with my mom after she talks to your mom. hope they figure out what's going on soon...