Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gone baby, gone

I shaved my head. My hair is supposed to fall out sometime this week and I really wanted to whole experience to empowering and fun. Last night I felt good and my roommate family was home and it just seemed like the right time. Everyone else drank Gin and Tonics, we listened to the Cranberries, and watched some YouTube videos of Demi Moore shaving her head. Then it was time.

For the whole shebang, check out the Picasa album.

In other news: being home is really great. I feel so much better emotionally even if I can paranoidedly feel my body breaking down. I'm on hella amounts of Prednisone (120 mg/day) which makes me feel hungover a lot of the time. However, I only have another 2 weeks on the Pred (for now) so I'm hoping to avoid the whole "getting fat" problem that happens to many Pred users. It has given me my appetite back...


E. R. Dunhill said...

I happened upon your blog because you listed "sustainability" among your interests.
I ordinarily like to dispense some profound (OK, probably pretentious) pellet of wisdom when I make a random connection like this. However, I find myself sitting at my desk moved virtually to tears by your post. There’s a great deal of positive energy in what you've written.
For whatever it may be worth, you’ll be in this stranger’s thoughts and prayers. Good luck.


Mike Acker said...

Hey Jessie
I've been keeping up with your blog from P-town. It sounds like things are going ok. I was with my mom when you got her head shaved while doing chemo. I was like ten and it was at Dars barbershop back when it was on Monroe street. It was an emotional experience. We still have tons of pictures of my mom when she was bald. She tried to wear a wig for like a day. The best pictures are from Lizzy's birthday. I think it was her 12th.