Friday, February 29, 2008

My ovaries: Bad Ass

Today I got my period. No one ever said it was over for good, or anything like that, I just... assumed. But Chemo obviously pales in comparison of the Awesomeness of the Moon and my own Yonic-ness. ROOOOOARRRRRRRR, Omega!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping this explains a lot of the back pain I've been experiencing? Just in case we have not one but TWO fun tests coming up. Monday is my PetCT, and Tuesday morning I'm getting a back MRI just to make sure these ARE angry rugby injuries and are NOT little tumors. Interesting note: Lukemia Cutis likes scar tissue. Let's not think about that.

Oh, and I made a personal choice to re-join Facebook so I could play Scrabulous. I'm unsure of whether this was wise.

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