Sunday, February 03, 2008


Today I ran around Seward Park with my roommates, watched 6 episodes of Lost, and had dinner with the Q-Crew. CL made the most bomber Jamaican Pumpkin soup.

Tomorrow I’m going to work and hopefully having a PetCT done (full body scan for more tumors.) Possibly tomorrow afternoon my lab results will say something conclusive.

Here’s the thing, you can only be actively upset for so long. After that it’s exhausting—especially when nothing is currently too wrong. Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow or next week, but for now I feel pretty good—pretty high on the amount of love that being thrust my way… My life is still normal and I still feel healthy. Is this denial or just an amazing ability to command inner peace?


Anonymous said...

you are very beautiful
and such the charmer
nothing bad could ever happen

emily miller said...

i think you're so amazing, jessie. i am one of those who can't think of anything to say except i'm sending you the positive vibes. be strong and know that you have leagues behind you, supporting you with agnostic prayer and wildflower steam rooms. i love you.