Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today is Liz's birthday

So I've been off all chemo drugs for several weeks now while my body recovers from the March hiccup and let me tell you, it's been great. You know what sucks? Chemotherapy! Lame! I am kind of bummed that starting next week we strike back on our year and 10 months of regular toxic drugs. Boo.

But. This little break has given me a chance to return with gusto to "normal" life. For instance, I put in a real 40 hour week at work! And I have a work-plan. And my boss was really nice when I sort of manically showed up and demanded to be put in charge of all of my programs and swore I would never be sick again... I work with nice people who are patient through my sick-times and my obnoxious-times. Here is something I realized about work: I am the second most senior member on my team of programs due to extreme turnover! Shit! I should use that as leverage somehow...

So back to how I lead a normal life. On Friday night, I went to see the Avett Brothers at Neumos with my roommates. I saw them in September at Bumbershoot and loved them so much I bought two CDs. Since then, they've been on constant rotation on the kitchen stereo and at work between me and JK's offices. Seeing them in a venue like Neumos as opposed to a Bumbershoot lawn was so incredible. They are great. They are amazing. I love them. I would marry any of them. Right now. Or make out with any of them. Right now. Maybe it's the lack of drugs suppressing all of my hormones or maybe it's the raw sexiness of the Avett Bros but I am more interested in boys then I have been in about 2 months.

Fittingly, I went to a PARTY last night with Julian and Lena and even though I was the designated driver and even though I sat at the breakfast nook for the entire length of the party entertaining various guests, it was really fun to be out. "But Jessie, don't you feel like a freak among your peers what with your missing hair and Hickman?" Yes, yes I do. I rocked the Avett Brothers bald (concerts=hot, bald=better airflow) which was kind of made me self conscious, but yesterday I got my WIG and so I attended this party of my peers NOT BALD. All I'm saying is that I exchanged phone numbers with someone. Alright, it was like that, but still. I didn't look cancer-y.

Today I'm thinking maybe I'll go back to bed with some new books. I finished the 2nd Golden Compass book but our local bookstore didn't have the 3rd. I have a gift cert to Borders, but yuck.


flashlightmonster said...

get the third book anyway. for real.

Kathryn said...

when do we get a wig pic?