Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

My mom still does my taxes. I know. I get a huge refund because I only made 12K this year, but I paid taxes in my actual income tax bracket which is significantly higher than 12K/year. That's pretty sweet. With GWB's little kicker I'm staring down some serious cash. What to do with it? Of course I want to go out and SPEND it on clothes, but that's what They want me to do. And I don't want to do what They want me to do.

I went back to Dr. K after my "week off" and guess what? I get another 10 days off! My platelets are still too low to work with, but they are coming up. I only need like 20, 000 more or something. I also was relieved to hear I'm still slightly anemic. While I've been pushing myself really hard to put on some of the muscle I've lost, it's hard to notice that anything has happened in the last week except that I've gained 5 lbs of... what? Fat, I'm pretty sure. Whatever. If I'm anemic, there's a chance that part of why it's so frickin' hard to walk up the stairs is because I don't have enough oxygen in my blood.

I meet with the radiologist on Monday and plan on starting radiation on the 28th. I start chemo again (spinal taps and oral drugs) late next week. I have to 6MP again which makes me nervous, but I'm taking 90% less, so it shouldn't shut things down this time around. Are you tired of hearing me talk about cancer? I just have one more thing to share. There's a doctor/physical therapist who is part of the oncology group that does PT/work out regimens for cancer patients and I am going to go see him next week. Hopefully he'll help me get my active-on.

Well, the only other thing of note is that Oasis was on the radio this morning and I decided to re-devote myself to What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Oh, and if you're getting married in September and you want me to come, tell me now because I have 3 freakin weddings to go to already!

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