Sunday, April 06, 2008

Everything: Alright

Well, I don't know what everyone was talking about with this whole Depression and More Drugs thing because since being home I feel about 80 million times better. On Friday night I had dinner with my roommates and stayed up until 10 pm being social. Yesterday I ran around cleaning, doing errands, doing some work stuff (the kind where I see my favorite high school students and get lots of hugs and it doesn't feel like work) and my dad's been in town...

Today my dad hung all my paintings and pictures in my room. Moving rooms was really beyond me which is why it's so great the the Pereirras and Q Crew did all my moving, my mom painted my room... and today my dad finished the project by helping me decide how to hang all my framed pictures. And then he and 6'3"-ness did all the hammering and hanging.

I've had visitors pretty much every weekend since getting sick and of course this weekend was no different with dad and DP. Next weekend I have no visitors. It's going to be... great. I'm going to the Avett Brothers concert and getting a wig and maybe... spending time by myself? Mmm, I don't know, but here are some highlights from today:
*Julian cleaned our bathroom AND swept the upstairs hall/back stairs!
*I finished the first Golden Compass book (thanks Lizzy for knowing how to cure my boredom)
*My dad is a great dad and his partner is a great step-parent-figure!
*I am about to go to a fun potluck to see lots of fun people!
*I get to go to work tomorrow!


kerry said...

frames are so grown-up! i am going to show these pictures to my 31-year-old thumb-tack-using boyfriend.

PS hooray for dads!

Jessie O said...

well i still can't NOT tape up all my favorite stupid posters from college. i have had the same aesthetic going since I was about 21 so i'm trying to figure out how to make room look NOT like i'm in college. so far, no luck.