Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everything looks better in the morning

Shout out to Mike H, my radiologist friend, for some sound advice regarding talking to Dr. K and Dr. M (my radiologist) tomorrow. My mom is also on her way up to go to my appointments with me.

I spent the day recruiting at public high school. Always and interesting experience. On my lunch break I went to Nordstrom and dropped cash on new jeans. Yes, it made me feel better. No, Nordstrom does not have any cute shoes right now. They do have lots and lots of really hideous high healed/shoe laced shoes. Gross. And no, I did not buy the Hobo wallet I have wanted for the last 3 years even though they had it in chartreuse patent leather. I do have some self control...

Great News: my employer approved an extra 4 weeks of donated vacation time today. Barring any more 6MP-like fiascoes this should see me through to 2009. I might have hair by 2009!

Speaking of my hair, about 1 in every hairs is bravely trying to grow--they are about a centimeter and so sparse that you can't see them unless you get really close to me. They're so cute!

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kathryn said...

ewwwww! those shoes are hideous, but it is good to hear you've been doing some sweet feel-good shopping. i have been obsessively combing over zappos.com for the perfect sandal, but it just ends with my eyes glazed over and somehow getting navigated to perezhilton.com. damn you celebrity gossip websites! i need to study!