Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Google reader

Google Reader seems to think that my interests are: Pittsburgh, biking, raw food, and mommy blogs. I'm not really sure how you would deduce this from my current feeds. I'm out: I use a feed. And I know a lot of you lurkers do too!


glitter said...

yah, we do.... =)

and while i'm here, i just want to say, i think you're doing great coping with this, and i....

...don't know how to go on. :) okay: i read you, i like reading you, i think about you sometimes and hope you'll be okay. oh, and i think your wig looks cool.

greetings from vienna!
*goes back to lurking ;)*

Slackerblogs said...

haha Mommy Blogs.

Thanks for providing us with a new, terrible nick-name for you, MommyBlogs.