Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Set backs

Well, well, well. What a humbling week!

Yesterday afternoon I checked BACK into the H because Friday night's test results suggest I have a staph infection in my blood. Yarg. This is AFTER I tried to convince everyone at work that I was doing a great job taking care of myself and that I was on the mend... ready to hit it! Yarg. Again.

So the deal-io is that I'll stay here until my blood cultures re-grow so we know what we're dealing with. There is a small chance nothing is in my blood and that the blood from Friday was contaminated... that's my hope. Anyhoo, in the mean time they gave me a serious dose of anti-biotics which I reacted to not well. My head got all hot and red and itchy and then later on I threw up a whole lot. Let me tell you, a great St. Patrick's Day. I sincerely hope yours was better. So between the Adivan and the Benadryl IV and the fact that I'm still pretty freakin dehydrated and anemic (more anemic today--Hematocrit is at 18!) I am finally slowing down and sleeping. And I get 4 more units of blood.

The good news of yesterday is that the UW called to congratulate me on my acceptance to the class of 2008!

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