Monday, March 03, 2008

Iron Woman

Just got my CBC back and everything looks NORMAL. Yes, that is right. I have an immune system! Not the kind I came in with... but one that will fight infections! I hit the Hosp with a 12.3 WBC, my low was 0.2 and I'm back at a very reasonable 6.3. All my other CBC numbers are comparable to a healthy 25 year old. Holler!

Dr. K says he can't remember the last time he saw someone tolerate chemo this well or have numbers bounce back so quickly. I'm in the top 1%!!!

Monday I have to go back to the H for some spinal and some nasty-style chemo, but it's only for about 12 hours.

Currently I'm sitting in out-patient waiting for my Asparinginase to drip and afterwards Q-Crew is hitting Hidmo for Entrian.

ps. there is no spell check on this browser! Yowser!


E. R. Dunhill said...

That's fantastic news! Good luck with the heavy chemo.

Lucinda said...

Thanks for writing this.