Friday, March 07, 2008

Love doesn't have to be a lie

I'm feeling a little Tragic tonight. I know it's my body crashing off its daily fix of Pred/crack. I think it did a lot to obscure some of my Chemo side effects so today was a little rough. Physically it was a low-point since my second day in the hospital.

Here are some weird side effects:
My fingers keep going numb
My mouth tastes like I burned all of my taste buds
I have the most insane gas

I think the burly lentils I made yesterday morning might have a little to do with the intestinal distress...

I have visitors! Nathan and Leslie are visiting from Manhattan and Eugene respectively. It is so nice to see them and you would think I get tired of talking about me and my Cancer, but nope! So far it really helps to process where I am with people I care about and trust--so that is good! We ate! I still think about food pretty much ALL the time so let me tell you about the amazing food I had today!
--Veggie Pho! from Pho Hei Yen
--Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Geraldine's
Due to whatever whatever, pho and cheese sandwiches both make me feel a lot better when my stomach is killing me. Weird, huh? Even weirder: my landlord was at BOTH places at BOTH lunch and dinner. Since I have cancer I can be rude and ignore people though!

Yesterday I got my head shaved for reals by a barber on Beacon Hill. I'd like to give a special shout out to Abraham and Kicks and Cuts for the complimentary buzz. Not only did he not charge me, he made me feel really good and normal about being a chubby white girl in a barber shop on Beacon Hill to get my head shaved because I have cancer. The whole scene was kind of bizarre which is what I suppose I was going for... but anyway, it was OK. As for the look--not so hot. I HATE being bald. Now I know. Tomorrow I am going to look for a wig. While I was sitting there a woman randomly popped her head in to ask about something and looked at me and was like "I'm a 2-time breast cancer survivor! You're beautiful! You can do it!" Life has been kind to me like that a lot lately.


T i m - C h u e y said...

Go Jessie! Don't let the man get you down!

Jessie O said...

i miss you t i m - c h u e y! Your nemesis RD was in my dream last night! Oh, Ambian...