Sunday, March 09, 2008

Project: Wig

First you get MEASURED (22--"very normal")
Pick a cap style ("yes, very normal ears... this should be fine...")
Then you pick a color (L-2 Brown)

***SPECULATION: Then somewhere in the process a disadvantaged woman in a 3rd world exploitative situation is forced to sheer her gorgeous locks in order to support her 6 children***

Then the wig comes all basic-like and my Wig Maker styles and cuts it around my face. I think the whole thing should look and feel pretty good. More than anything I was appreciative of how kind and normal the folks at Apollo Hair Systems in Northgate were. While I was there I picked something up off the shelf to wear in the meantime. It's not a look I've ever rocked... but... HAIR! I'd post pictures but my Pred-face hasn't gone down yet (and Someone I Work With mentioned it--bursting the lie-bubble everyone has been keeping me in)... and I can't imagine why I still cling to any form of vanity at this point seeing as how many people have seen me in so many compromising ways lately... but, it's about getting there.

But, I don't want you to be dissapointed so I'm humiliating someone else! Here are security guards at Northgate riding Segway PTs.

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