Monday, June 02, 2008

Where does the time go?

Really? It's been more than a week? Sheesh. Things have been busy and I was out of town for a while for work.

In Cancer News:
Wednesday night I was an idiot and used SCISSORS to cut the tape off my Hickman. Then I cut my Hickman line. BIG FUCK UP. But thankfully you can repair Hickmans and I watched in terror and guilt as one of my precious lumens was amputated and then replaced. I feel like the biggest asshole, by the way, for doing this. It was so stupid and I compromised my health seriously (cutting a sterile line to my heart? nice one, JLO) and made unnecessary drama in an already busy week. I'm in bed so I don't want to get alllll the way up and get my camera and take a picture, but soon dear readers, soon.

So at this work thing I met a lot of new people and despite the tube coming out of my chest I had numerous conversations with folks where they asked me how I got my head to stay so clean shaven. Drugs, man. Drugs.

I think I might have also permanently put off a co worker who I have been trying to connect with for the last two years by being overly irreverent about cancer. Whatever, I'm the one with leukemia here. It means I do what I want. I say what I want. Yo.

Non Cancer News:
I very much enjoyed my time away from Seattle at my work-y type thing. Even though it high lighted all the things I hate about where I work it also high lighted all the things I like about where I work. And I contra danced which is hard when you're as gimpy as I am these days, but I will redeem myself in one year's time.

Now it's Monday, I have lost all ability to articulate, and I'm taking some days off because I just worked crazy a lot AND Nathan3 is visiting for a few days.


Anonymous said...

you be irreverant. i laughed out loud just now about you and your scissors.
say hi to nathan for me, and keep the office supplies away from your body.
when shall we get together and can up some antipasti?

R said...

I thought "Contra Dance" was a typo intended to read "Conga Dance" and I thought I'd google it just to be sure.

Then, I thought it was a sarcastic deviation on the term "Conga Dance" intended to over generalize regional dancing in Nicaragua.

As it turns out, of course, it's this whole actual, legitimate thing. See Jessie? You turn on the light of knowledge with this blog - so informative to us culturally inept.

Faith Gillis said...

Wow, you're my hero. I'm going through chemo too, and haven't a clue as to how you manage to get up the energy to contra dance.

Kevin said...

Ha! I was completely headed for snipping my hick until my girlfriend hid the scissors. I think that's a sign you're too comfortable with it. Glad to hear things are going alright, from the sound of things.