Thursday, June 05, 2008

Keep bleedin

Coming back to work today was hard after my three-day week day weekend. I was feeling kind of like everything sucked and life was devoid of meaning. Even a huge bowl of veggie pho from Pho Hai Yen couldn't lift my spirits! However, 30 minutes on the trainer has left me feeling optimistic. I think I will live another day!

Speaking of pho and food. Nathan and I went back to Geraldine's for breakfast yesterday. I have now been there three times and two of those meals have rivaled the best sexual experiences of my life. Read that as you will. I'm just saying. If I thought their grilled cheese was amazing, it was only because I had not yet tried the fried egg, bacon, and arugula sandwich. Sweet Moses.

What else can I tell you? I can't stop listening to Keep Bleedin Love and I LOVE it. Tomorrow I go see Dr. K to hear about my blood counts. This week we start oral methotrexate (as opposed to spinal methotrexate). I am assuming that no one from Dr. K's called me this week because there is no contamination of my Hickman line.

Oh, and here is part of g chat transcript from today:

oh yeah, and that story about the hickman, made me think about the time i had a hand in pulling out a woman's central line, it was terrible. i think it hadn't been put in properly, but i was there when it fell out just after she had had explosive diarrhea and we had rushed her to the bathroom, so i felt really bad
you shouldn't feel too guilty about cutting that line, but i bet you are already over it by now
3:44 PM by the way, your one eye looks really pretty in your blog photo
very dark and ponderious
i mean ponderous
is that a word?

See? It could be worse... (notice how I left the compliment on the end--without eyebrows I need lots of compliments...)

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