Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Itch

I've been feeling particularly antsy and angsty the last week or so. It's like I constantly need to be entertained and when I'm not, I get really irritated and down on life. I need more to do.

The itch is literal too. It's been months since hardcore chemo and weeks since my last spinal tap, but suddenly I itch. Everywhere. It's a roaming itch. I've heard that this can be a side effect, but now? The fun just doesn't stop, does it? The good news is that my peripheral neuropathy seems to be getting better. Last night I went for a run that felt like a run. I was able to push off my atrophied toes and not feel like I was going to eat it. It was awesome. I ran a little over a mile and then walked because I came around the exposed side of the Seward Park loop and was almost blown across to Mercer Island. Well, the wind was about 45 miles an hour... After a really awesome dinner club I came home to find out that the power was out in North Beacon Hill. Really with this, June?

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