Thursday, June 05, 2008

Self Portrait: What remains after radiation


~*~ said...

What remains after radiation? A lovely girl, the light falling softly on her sweet face...have you ever seen a clay vase before it is "fired," yet after it has been painted or glazed? The glaze is not shiny or pretty at that point, but AFTER it has been in the fire, and the impurities burned away, the beauty of form and color are revealed. Thus it is with you, lovely without eyebrows.

Bekah said...

I know, I'm bias.

Because I had cancer twice, and I was without eyebrows -- still am for the most part.

But there is just, beauty. That radiates off of you lovely. If anyone ever said that to me, I'd give them a big middle finger and say 'yeah effin right.'

But whether we wanna believe it or not. we're here. and YOU are beautiful. From the posts -- to this picture.

I'm pleased you have July off to enjoy happy things.

Sending you tons of bald love, from here -- to where you are.


Johannes Vermeer said...

This might be my very favorite photograph of you, of all I've seen. It vaguely reminds me of something...