Sunday, June 22, 2008

Go Kerry Go!

Today my friend Kerry is running an olympic triathlon in Philadelphia for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. As much I try to avoid EVER being corny, this really means a lot to me. Kerry signed up for this before ever finding out that I was sick. She was just one of thousands of folks who decided to raise cash for the LLS... to the tune of $4300! As far as my personal interactions with LLS, they organize and support the young adult blood cancer group I occasionally go to. And they help with bills. And I think that if I needed more help, they probably do a lot more for patients. They also fund research. Yay!

I just stayed with Kerry for 4 days in Pittsburgh and it was a good time. Perhaps not in the "we got soooo wild" sense, but I really like the people I work with. So we had a work-y good time which involves work (which isn't so bad), talking shit about work, and hanging out with other work folks (who are also a good time.) Pittsburgh was much prettier than I expected it to be. I was quite charmed, actually. Perhaps it was my fabulous hosts.

Now I'm back in Seattle and I am coming down with a cold. I won't lie, this makes me really nervous. One of the crazy things about having Leukemia is that I always am aware of my blood counts and how strong my immune system is at any given time. As of Monday I was looking at 4.4 WBC which is fine. Fine enough to start this new chemo drug, Methotrexate. But now? It kills me not to know... I should have hit my nadir about Thurs/Fri so what was it? Too low? Good enough to fight? Will I have to take another freakin week off treatment? Dr. K is on vacation. Every time Dr. K takes any time off work he says, "don't get sick while I'm gone!" When I saw him last Monday I pre-emptively promised "I won't get sick!" as he headed off for 10 days of much deserved vacation. I eat my words. But really? What did I expect? I haven't done nearly enough sleeping in the last two weeks and then I went to an event with over a hundred people in a small space for days on end, continuing not to sleep and also took two plane trips. Even 12WBC-Jessie wouldn't have walked away from this healthy. Bah! It is Sunday. I am going to go do something.

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