Friday, September 12, 2008

The karmic finger

Yesterday I was running around all elated, sending emails that said stuff like, “today I begin the last of my ‘intensive’ chemo ever!” I was just Pollyanna to the max and then the Universe was like, “here’s the finger, Jessie.”

My appointment with Dr. K was at 3:20, followed by 4:00 chemo. I saw the doc at 4:15 and did not get my chemo until 5:45. I was a little flipped out at that point because why was everyone trying to ruin my fabulous day and make it so I couldn’t go to fucking yoga! But the point of yoga is to not get flipped out about these things so I was like... OK, deep breaths, chill out. Came home, ate Rachel’s delicious bread pudding and fennel-kalmata olive salad, took a Klonopin and tried on outfits for Sarah’s wedding. Eventually I took an Ambien (as you know, faithful readers) and face planted.

At 10:30 my body woke me from the Klono-Amb stupor to BARF. Oh man, I could not stop barfing, retching, DRY HEAVING for like an hour and half. The homecare nurses told me I had to call Dr. K who takes all his calls… woke him up at like midnight and he told me I had to go to the emergency room. The ER was blessedly quiet and they were happy to see someone who was “really sick” and not just trying to scam pain killers. They gave me a room immediately, started fluids and eventually pumped me up with IV Zofran since I was incapable of keeping the pills down. At 4:30 I got to go home.

Today is better. My chemo only took 30 minutes which is like a freakin record, I was able to do all my errands in the 2 block radius of the treatment center and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I had planned on taking today mostly off for Sarah’s wedding but in light of falling counts, an unreliable stomach, and an event with 40 kids tomorrow I think I’m going to chill at home for the day and watch Netflix and sleep. I think maybe the Universe tried to apologize too because I had all green lights on my drive to Swedish and no lines at the pharmacy, bookstore, or bank.

And by the way, I really do have a much more sophisticated understanding of karma than you might elicit from this post… I mean, I was a freakin religion major.

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