Monday, August 11, 2008

Gosh darn it

Would you believe that there’s a “Blogging for Blood Cancer” week and that this is it? Well, believe it, baby! Since I love blogging and in particular, blogging about blood cancer, I thought I would try to blog every day this week!

And how appropriate too. Because instead of feeling all healthy-like I am feeling pretty cancer-y today. My chemo from Thursday night is starting to take effect: my mouth hurts, I’m tired, my body is SORE from yesterday’s yoga class… Oh, cell death!

But before everything started to suck, I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I went to a community garden work project (yay community! yay gardens!) where there were goats! I love goats! And then my mom and I went to Nordstrom and bought new clothes. When I got home I forced myself to purge my t shirt drawer down to the scant few items I actually wear. Yesterday I went to yoga, had lunch at Geraldine’s (cornbeef sandwich, fries, diet coke, coffee) and then writhed in pain all afternoon because hello! my GI track is dying too! Buy I rallied for dinner at the Lemongrass with the Christinas and my mom. God, I love food. However, I think it’s back to wheat thins and bananas for the next few weeks while I wait for my stomach lining to come back…


Bekah said...

yay for 1/2 inch hair, blogging about blood cancers, an entry from you everyday this week, and new clothes!

seriously, i believe only a few beautiful women out there can look 'vibrant' with the 1/2 inch hair, or bald for that matter.

and, two or them are me and you kid ;)

I'm so sorry that your stomach isn't feeling too hott, from chemo on Thursday.

I have the entire east coast cheering you on, through this treatment. Sending positive vibes your way.

And yes, I know the entire east coast, personally. don't doubt me.


Goodies for Mom said...

Thank you for helping promote this exciting event. We'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way.

R said...

Wheat thins and bananas? Sign me up.

Duane said...

Hey Jessie,

I forgot to let you know that I won't be making it to Seattle as I had hoped, but when I eventually do I'll be sure to let you know.

It's great that you're "blogging for blood cancer" too!

Talk soon!!!