Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The beat goes on

My white count this morning was 4.1—that’s a fully functional immune system! The likelihood of me ending up in the Onc ward this week is very small. My crit (reds) are a little low and I will say that is the reason I only biked up half of Beacon Hill before getting off and walking. Low hematocrit and Adriomyacin. I heard a rumor I won’t bother to research that Lance wouldn’t take Adrio because it diminishes your lung capacity. Right. I bet Maarten took the Adrio like man.

Also, I forgot to mention in all my despair of steroid withdrawal that I got to see Jenny and Richard last weekend and it was sooooooooooo great. They brought philosophical discussion back to the NoBe Mansion. After they left Julian, Beth, my mom, and I debated the merits of organized religion as a political force. Jenny and Richard, come back and enrich our intellectual lives! No one will let me wax on at such length as Richard! No one!!!!

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Philippe Curtius said...

Wait, wait... Does that mean no one listens to you wax on at such lengths...?


Does that mean no one lets you wax on at such length as Richard waxes on?

Incidentally, Richard waxed to me recently about missing Seattle, and you folks specifically. Also, he was disappointed that the cool body art typography in the Van der Weijden photo was merely marker, and not permanently tattooed.