Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eugene! Part 1

This weekend was
a) Awesome
b) hot
c) Rugby Alumni weekend

What a sweet weekend. Hoolian and I left right after my last (!) radiation on Friday afternoon and drove down the 5 to Jenny and Richard's new place in Eugene.

Jenny and Richard have a cute cat. I miss Jenny and Richard. I wish we could fuse Eugene to Seattle and it only took 45 minutes to get there.

We went to Rennie's Landing to meet up with Dirty Ducks past and present. I didn't bring my camera because Ramey has learned the hard way that rugby drinking and nice digital cameras do NOT mix. If I were to paint picture for you... well, it was all my friends drinking a lot. It was great. Sometimes people seem afraid my physical body these days--like I might break or something. But my rugby girls just came up and rubbed my head and fondled my breasts and gave me lots of hugs and it was nice... I did see one old friend (non rugby) who didn't seem to understand that I had cancer and just kept complimenting me on my ballsy hair style choice! That was pretty great. I had almost 4 drinks over the course of the evening and felt quite merry. On the walk home we wandered into an apartment building and Jenny and Julian found us a route to the roof. After the proper amount of speculating about organized religion from the roof on a beautiful summer-y evening, we went home and binged on cookies. Mmmmm.

The rugby game was also fun. While I didn't play, I was able to run out onto the field and score my 4th tri in 7 years. Sweet. Oh, I forgot to take pictures. But it was really hot so we got Slurpees (I take the dumbest pictures)
Uh, I kind of ate constantly on this trip. Tasty Thai, Market of Choice dolmas, sushi, etc etc etc. Right now I feel a little disgusting actually. On the way home we stopped in Corvallis to see my family and now, finally, we are HOME. My room looks like shit and smells like dirty clothes. Tomorrow I have a spinal tap and my eye brows have started to fall out due to radiation. However, my warm, warm memories of this weekend make it all seem mostly OK. Eyebrows grow back and this will be my second to last spinal tap!

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