Sunday, July 19, 2009

crazy amped, yo

Oh Prednisone. Don't tell Dr K, but I've been cheating... I hate taking you in your full dosage and often I'll skip a day or take a smaller than prescribed dose. I know it's bad so this morning I gave you another chance and damn, you are blowing my mind. 110mg. I am manic like no one's business.

*Goodwill run
*Made breakfast for mom
*Went on errands for work
*Went to work
*Went on a date
*Cleaned our bathroom
*Cleaned the kitchen
*Swept and mopped the kitchen
*Swept and mopped my room
*Swept and mopped the hallway and stairs
*Then I made stir fry and cleaned the kitchen
*I made notes for the garbage, recycle, and compost so everyone would know what went where
*hung out with Andrea
*found places to recycle old prescriptions
*found a place to donate my Hick supplies (saline, hepron)
*put all my good books in the car to sell to Half Price

And my hair looks fabulous. And I have heartburn.

But I just took 1mg klonopin and 10mg of Ambien so SAYONARA!

1 comment:

Bekah said...

oh no no no missy, YOU are so beautiful.
Thank you mucho for the e-mail, got infused today... so I'm hoping to have anough brain power to shoot you back something before the end of the week. Don't give up hope on me yet!

I love you, and think about you SOOO much. And, am so excited for your move, and all of these wonderful happenings.

Loving you from afar,