Sunday, June 28, 2009


Happy Pride! Today I went to the parade (sorry no terrible pictures) and like every year it was very emotional. There are always a few times when I just want to burst into tears because I feel so... happy.

The thing about Pride is that it's not just about being Gay. It's about being yourself. It's about being proud of the big freak that you are. I'm not saying gay people are freaks, I'm saying allllll people are freaks. And Pride is about celebrating who we are. Everyone dresses up. If your true self wants to wear a string bikini that's cool. If your true self wants to wear a 3 piece suit that's cool too. If your true self loves boas and ridiculous earrings... People flaunt their sexual kinks, spiritual affiliations, hobbies, pets, familial choices, politics... And it rocks.

The lame part is how corporate the whole situation has become and how much promotional crap gets handed out and how much garbage is generated. This year my goal was to not accept anything but free condoms. No leaflets, no candy, no free soap samples, no vitamin water... no crap. Just condoms. Happy Pride. Happy Be Yourself Day. Come out, everyone. Come out as you. Start being honest about who you are, who you love, and what you want.

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