Sunday, May 03, 2009


My stomach feels terrible. I can't tell if I have swine flu or if chemo just makes me feel like butt some months.

In housing news, Mike, Maren and Krista are moving out at the end of the month. Ed is gone. Julian and I are going to turn the Mansion into a swinging bachelor/ette pad in their absence. I mean, there's a chance our landlords will find folks for the empty rooms, but there is also a chance that we will have the place to ourselves. Regardless, this is how things went down for whatever reasons:

-Jessie was invited to live at the Mansion through the end of July
-Julian was invited to stay while he considered the new housemates and whether he would potentially sign a lease
-Maren was asked to consider the lease, would not, and was asked to leave
-Krista was just asked to leave.

You might wonder why I was granted amnesty from the whole process? I don't know why?

But to continue the good ju-ju I did spend over 3 hours cleaning the house yesterday to make it as show-able as possible for the landlords. They have completely taken over the roommate-finding process and my only responsibility now is to keep the house looking spiffy. Not only CAN I do that, I WANT to do that! So they are going to asemble the group house of their dreams and I am going to live here and keep things clean and tell people good things about the house and hood when they come by to check things out.

I will miss Maren, Krista and Mike... a lot. But I only have 3 months left here and I just can't bear to move twice. Drama, folks.

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