Thursday, October 30, 2008

She's got (no) game

mOh man. I just went on my first date post-chemo. It was a blind date so I went wig-ed thinking that would be easiest. I would wear my fake hair, not bring up cancer, and see what that kind of interaction was like.

I am a failure at subtlety.

So pretty much it was a good time. Scrabble, beer, get to know you conversation. I felt like this was someone I might want to go on a second date with. When we got to the end of the evening and talked about going out again, I kind of snapped. All of a sudden, the half beer, the heat in my cheeks, the itchiness of the wig... I couldn't do it. I couldn't bear the thought of doing it again. I was like "well, if we go out again, I need to tell you something..." and then I awkwardly told him about it and was like "I just feel fake with this wig on, blah blah blah" and then having gotten that out on the table, not being able to stand another minute with the damn hair on, I PULLED MY WIG OFF AT THE TABLE. Yes. That was really, really weird of me. I get it.

Anyway, poor guy. He proceeded to babble about medical conditions that afflicted him and his family. What a trainwreck. I somehow doubt this person will be calling me.

So this is my lesson learned: just show up without a wig. People can't tell. They just think I made the unfortunate choice to shave my head. I don't even have to talk about cancer.

The thing is, I didn't want to talk about cancer, I just wanted to not wear my wig for another second. I wanted to be liked for being bald.

In other news, tonight was my first meeting with Team and Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm going to be the Whidbey Island Marathon team's Honored Teammate. After a few practices with them, I'll be able to determine whether or not running a half marathon at the end of March is feasible. If it is, I will need to raise $1000. But I realized that would be pretty easy. If 40 people each donate $25--that's $1000! Or there's other stuff, of course.

So this is a good way to give back to LLS.

And the team's coach couldn't tell that I was the honored teammate--and I was talking to her bald. So there you go.


Sarah said...

you wigged out. hee hee.

Bekah said...

HELL YEAH. I dunno about you, I could never ever wear a wig, it always made me feel so fake.

Never, ever, suppress who you are (even under a wig Jessie). You are woman, hear you roar.

I'm sure he heard you, and if he didn't appreciate it... we appreciate you, and love you.

I have so much to write and tell you, of your heroine moves lately.

And, that I'm proud of you.
so proud.

I LOVE you jessieO


Sara said...

Jessie this TOTALLY happened on Sex and the City where Samantha was giving a speech at like a cancer event? But she was really hot/itchy so she was like 'oh, fuck it,' and pulled off her wig? And everyone cheered and pulled of THEIR wigs? And threw them in the air? (I might be making that part up)

Okay maybe this isn't THAT much like that, I just wanted to compare you to Samantha on Sex and the City. Sorry.

sara g