Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Misunderstanding of Little Buddy, part 2

Misunderstanding, part 1
Little Buddy, as it turns out, is NOT a cyst at all! Little buddy is a tumor. And he’s an unhappy tumor right now, having had 2 holes punched in him today for biopsy. Don't worry, no pictures.

My new dermatologist thinks all will be well, that LB is benign, and that he can finally free LB as soon as we ascertain that LB is indeed, benign. At least I can stop taking these stupid antibiotics.

And in other news, my GRE came back and it turns out I got worked on the writing section which I think is total bullshit. My percentiles for the other two sections seemed alarmingly skewed—but in a good way.

I don’t really care. My head hurts. Life is dumb. Love is a lie. I am supposed to go cross-country skiing tomorrow, but if that’s true I have to go out in public and rent skis tonight.

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DasBecca said...

How serious is the surgery for removing LB? I considered Googling it, but I figured (A) you would know more accurately, and (B) you would tell me without unfiltered pictures popping up. When will you get results back?

(Totally pulling for you over here!)